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Making financial sense

Impact Strategy CPA is an outsourced CFO service that supports growing businesses with their long-term financial strategies and goals.


Your Trusted Advisor

Impact Strategy CPA is a women-led outsourced CFO group providing early-stage to growth sized founders with
strategic financial decision-making to effectively scale their businesses.

With Irene leading Impact Strategy, founders can feel empowered to make reliable business decisions based on
sound numbers.


CPA Certified


10+ years of experience


Empathetic and judgement-free


Financial Strategy

Let’s make the money work for you. We’ll design a financial strategy that is catered to your exact business goals and walk you through it, every step of the way.


Projections & Forecasting

Unearth the potential of your business growth through quantitative analysis and keep track of every dollar in and out of your account.


Analytics & Reporting

See into the future - literally. We’ll use your historical data to discover what the growth of your biz looks like, and how we can use it to our advantage.

Why choose Impact?

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Trust in a financial expert

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Invest time back into your biz

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Make informed decisions based on the numbers

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10/10 would recommend

We see Irene as an extension of us. She gives us the confidence and support we need to focus on growing our business! She’s also just freaking cool.

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Michelle Nguyen
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Optimize your finances today.
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